Costumes to Die For

Halloween is soon. You’ve been swamped with midterms. Books, parties, and late-night trips to Felipe’s have left you sorely without the dough. How do you prepare for the raging parties coming up later this month? Here at the Voice, like always, we have you covered. Check out these ideas to save yourself from the embarrassment of dressing up as the worst costume at Harvard – a good, ol’ fashioned, pocket-protector nerd.

We know you were thinking about it.

1. Where’s Waldo? Hiding in your closet. For this one all you need is a red and white striped shirt, glasses, blue jeans and a red and white striped hat (this can be easily made using a white hat with either markers or fabric—be creative!).

2. Lazy? Be a pro- athlete! Everyone has a jersey hanging around- put it on with some warrior-esque face paint and viola you’re ready to party.

3. Why not drink some blood and walk the nights as a vampire? White make-up and glitter can make you a Cullen. Or go for the traditional look: capes and fangs are easy enough to track down and try a thrift store for a scary looking cape (typical stock at this time of year).

4. Throw on some wings and a white dress and presto! You’re an angel fallen from heaven. Too sweet for you? Put on a sexy little black dress or some classy lingerie and you’re a Victoria’s Secret angel.

5. Mario and Luigi All you need is a green or red shirt a pair of overalls… smack an M or L on your belly and you’re a Super Smash Brother!
*BONUS* Need a group costume?

Represent the good ol’ days as a box of Crayola Crayons! Take a solid color dress or shirt—make an oval and write crayon in black. Wear a matching colored party hat and you and your friends will be ready to color the world.

There you have it! A bunch of cheap, easy ideas for your Halloween-costume-lacking pleasure. Enjoy!