It Takes More Than Biceps of a God

Now, to many a folk at Harvard University, it may seem like being a virgin at Harvard makes perfect sense being that there are enough socially awkward and romantically inept people to even make Pewee Herman look like a ladies man. However, I honestly hope that I am neither socially awkward (although occasionally awkward certainly applies) or romantically inept (I do get the occasionally hook-up in here and there). And yes, YES, I swear that I am pretty normal. I am not unattractive to the point of making anyone’s eyes bleed. I am a varsity athlete as well as a member of one of the many social clubs here on campus and really have no trouble approaching people, making friends, or getting low on the dance floor in the basement of a certain finals club.

Now it may be hard to believe at this point that I am in fact not saving myself for marriage or true love’s first kiss or any of the noble causes for which many wear the belt of purity or chastity. I am one of those girls who reaches that point of “Yo, should I put on a condom?”, and it just doesn’t feel right. Yes, I am one of those girls—the girl that confidently asks him to dance, may or may not blow his mind with my skills, and then seduces him a little bit…but once it comes down to it, I guess I’m just not willing to give up something I have saved for so long to some random guy even if he has the biceps of a god or hotter buns than a fresh cinnamon roll.

I want to be pursued. I want to be taken out somewhere other than the Kong. I want to be texted at an hour that doesn’t suggest that I am a booty call. I want someone to spoon with me on my uncomfortable piece of shit futon and watch random TV movies on a Saturday night. I want to give my virginity to a kick ass guy.

The closer and closer I get to just asking some hunk of a man to have his way with me, the more I realize that I really want to give myself to someone in the right way for the right reasons. Yeah, I’d like to be exclusive. I’ve really only got one virginity. Only one guy can have the pretty sweet knowledge that he deflowered the hell of out me. It would suck balls if I got preggo or chalk full of STDs cus I gave my virginity to an asshole.

With the knowledge that college will eventually end, and guys in college aren’t necessarily looking to wait for a virgin to be ready, I am becoming more content with the idea that hey, it’s okay if I stay a virgin in college. As awful as it seems to some or how heinously against the nature of college as it may be, I have waited this long—what’s a little while longer?

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