Letter From the Editor

While I am never one to criticize Sesame Street, I have to respectfully disagree with Kermit the Frog’s famous adage: here at The Voice, we think it is quite easy to be green. This year we are doing things a bit differently, and in the spirit of sustainability The Voice is now completely online. Though I am sure you miss seeing our pretty little faces handing out issues, you can still read the pithy witticisms, helpful advice, and provocative stories that we provide – and all from the comfort of your own Lamont cubicle!

Even as we try to reduce the impact of our carbon footprint, we are hoping to increase the impact of your voice on campus. This year, we set out to do more – to write more, to sponsor more, to involve readers more – in the hopes of giving more to the community here at Harvard. The year is long, the stories are bountiful, and the possibilities are endless, so be prepared for times of change!

This is where we start: an issue for coming back to school, for October happenings, and for things that you forgot about Harvard while you were away from the People’s Republic of Cambridge. It is the first of many, and I hope that you enjoy reading it as much as we did making it. In the meantime, relax, sit back, and peruse: welcome to the online-only Voice!

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